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Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection

We perform compliance testing

Fire Detection Unlimited performs testing and inspections on fire alarms and fire detection systems in the Bay Area. In compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, we promise your fire alarm systems are working properly and we can respond appropriately in the event of a fire. Our comprehensive fire safety services offered by our highly experienced staff are designed to give you peace of mind. We inspect, maintain, and replace fire alarm panels, pull stations, and detectors, and we perform annual fire alarm compliance inspections.

When you know your system is working, you can rest easy

Making sure your fire alarm systems work properly is how we ensure that we can react quickly when a fire occurs. We save valuable time in protecting lives, assets, and property from fire. Our complete fire alarm testing and inspection services include checking all detectors for damage or obstructions. When we’re finished with our inspection, you’ll get a complete, written report detailing all our findings.

We can help you manage testing schedules

Managing the required scheduled inspections needed to keep you in compliance with codes and government requirements can be a job all by itself! FDU performs quarterly, bi-annual, or annual inspections and testing of your fire alarm systems. We schedule testing around your needs and your calendar, and we keep track of when they’re supposed to be completed when you agree to our annual contract.

Testing and inspections ensure a working system

Your fire alarm system plays a key role in keeping you, your building, and all the people and things inside safe from harm. When it comes to fire safety, regular maintenance, testing, and inspections we can keep your equipment and personnel working proficiently. We offer comprehensive testing and inspections for all your fire alarm systems so we can guarantee you that your system is working properly and capable of responding in a crisis. Contact us at Fire Detection Unlimited and ask about our maintenance contracts. Let us explain how regular testing and inspections not only facilitate your regulatory compliance, but provide you with peace of mind.