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    Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

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    In order to provide you with a greater level of protection, our partnering central station monitoring service is supported by a UL and factory mutual facility. Our professional operators are trained to identify incoming alarms and notify the appropriate authorities and individuals needed to respond. Our monitoring center is on the job when you can’t be.

    Our operators are level-headed and highly trained

    Technology is only part of the story – the expertise of the people monitoring your systems and the number of them available to respond to emergencies makes a huge difference. FDU security monitoring services has an excellent operator-client ratio to endure timely response to your emergency event. Each operator is highly trained and complies with all best-practices in our industry, so you get accessible staff who know what to do at just the right moment.

    Our state of the art station is second to none

    A fire alarm and life safety system is only as good as the security monitoring services provided, and Fire Detection Unlimited offers the best in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our UL-listed facility is computerized, digital, and completely up-to-the-minute, offering fast response times and overall cost savings.

    We help reduce false alarms

    Operators at our central monitoring station take all the necessary steps to determine the source and severity of an alarm, allowing FDU to reduce false alarms that cause the dispatch of law enforcement or fire departments on unnecessary trips. You can rest easy knowing FDU runs a leading station where we’re prepared to dispatch police, fire, and other emergency personnel quickly, when they’re needed.

    Put your mind at ease

    Every day of the week, every hour of the day, our operators are standing ready at our central monitoring station to ensure you get quick, appropriate resolutions to your emergencies. When we monitor your fire alarm system, break-ins, fires, or other emergency threats are mitigated and handled with urgency and in the way you requested.
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