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    Two-Way Emergency Communication Systems

    Continuous improvement, continuous education

    FDU understands requirements for the installation and performance of two-way emergency communication systems for both wired and wireless in buildings systems, such as radio enhancement systems, areas-of-refuge, elevator landings, and stairway communication systems, which are required by buildings of a certain type with their accompanying fire codes. We understand the importance of concepts such as pathway survivability levels, supervision, and intelligibility when communicating important information during an emergency event, and we apply proven concepts to achieve success in our projects.

    Two-way communication done the right way

    Reliable communication between first responders like police and fire departments during emergency events is essential to manage and control the event. For many years, these systems were based on wired technology, but with advancements in radio communications, first responders now use what are called Emergency Responders Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS). Our design-build process is fully compliant with all IFC and NFPA standards, so you can be sure that your ERRCS will work the way you expect when you need it.

    Our exceptional staff – highly trained

    Our highly qualified staff have a deep understanding of how wired and wireless two‑way Emergency Communication Systems work and what’s required in their design, deployment, and maintenance. We take into consideration such industry necessities as pathway survivability, voice intelligibility, and system monitoring in existing and new buildings. Providing a safe environment in buildings demands a comprehensive fire and life systems plan, one that takes into account the possibility of a weapons event or severe weather and provides appropriate solutions accordingly.

    We’re committed to quality

    Every project we touch is an example of our commitment to quality and our passion for the work we do at FDU. We offer the best quality fire alarm and life systems products and services in the San Francisco Bay Area, because we rely on our team work ethic, our knack for planning and organizing a project for flawless execution. We use our industry knowledge to really deliver. At Fire Detection Unlimited, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with our clients, and you can trust us to be here when you need us. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your building safer for the people and things in it.