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    Customer Testimonials

    • "Patrick and Kian were Great to work with!"

      - Cesar Tomas

      April, 2021

    • "The techs were so respectful and accommodating and it was VERY much appreciated. I can't thank them enough for their patience and professionalism."

      - Johnny Bootlace

      January 06, 2021

      Dolores St, San Francisco

    • "A big thank you to you and your team, you guys have been awesome to work with throughout this project!!!"

      - Christopher Perkins

      June 16, 2020

    • "Kudos to Nancy for making things easy for our customers! Thanks, Nancy!!"

      - Marilyn Waters

      February 19, 2020

    • We’re very close to completing our annual testing and I’m pleased with how things have gone so far.  We had an incident where the focal point screen wasn’t returned to its normal display on Friday 01/11/2020 causing airport operations to lose control.  Mitch and Charlie & Zach were gone when we realized the issue but they turned around, came back and restored the screen to normal operation.  They handled it really well and I wanted to let you know that your guys are doing a good job out here and responding to issues appropriately with good customer service.
      Leno Bellomo

      February 10, 2020

    • Thank you Patrick!!  And please thank Mark he was very professional and great service.


      June, 2019

    • Hello FDU Group, 

      Just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for all of your assistance on getting this project completed and for working with the other vendors on the project Kone elevator company and the Fire Marshall.

      Zach and Mark were great today! Although we’ve come across a few road bumps I’m glad it all worked out and I am extremely relieved!

      It has been an overall pleasant experience working with FDU and I look forward to engaging in future commitments with your Team. 


      Amy Guardiola, Assistant Property Manager 

      May, 2019


    • Thank you Rachel.  Again, I want to extend my gratitude to all those from FDU who helped work on this.

      We appreciate all of the help!

      The work put forth by FDU I feel definitely deserves recognition!


    • I would like to provide some feedback regarding this project.

      Our electrical vendor made an honest mistake (a learning experience) not understanding that the 120V outlet was present, but not “dedicated”. The vendor is out making the necessary installation happen now. Manager Laurayne Gluck and I would like to especially thank you Christy, along with techs Rich and Juan for being patient and accommodating of this mistake and working with both the electrician and me to make sure this project is completed as scheduled.

      The Superintendent of the Electrical Company also reached out to me separately, and told me that Juan and Rich were awesome and very easy to work with. So please let both Rich and Juan that they received TWO compliments of exceptional service today.

      I again am grateful to work with your entire FDU Team.

      Christopher Pagnotta

      May 2019

      Project Coordinator, The Manor Association

    • We had a successful pre-test of our elevator controls today at Lumileds!

      Thanks much to the FDU team for all your efforts in getting to this point. Please pass my thanks along to V and Mark as well.

      We’ll let you know as soon as Elevator Service Company has the inspection scheduled. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

      Thanks again – Dan

      Dan Janowski

      Director, Facilities - October, 2018


    • Thanks for having the crew out yesterday. They did a great job and were very good with our tenants.

      Jay Judd

      August, 2018

      Gerding Edlen

    • "Apparently, FDU, is one of the few companies in the Bay Area that does repairs and diagnostics on existing hard-wired alarms systems installed by others. I give you guys a big shout-out for helping my friend with their mysterious midnight nuisance alarm situation."

      John Erlich‎

    • "I was a guest at your Christmas party this past Saturday and I just wanted to say thank you very much for such a nice time. It is so nice to see owners who really care about their employees and employees who really enjoy their job and the people they work for. I really enjoyed the heart felt speeches when the awards were going out. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special event, it was one I will not forget.

      Thank you so much for dinner and drinks, I had such a fun time!"

      Natalie Miloslavich

      Bay Area School Teacher

    • "Your Technician is the Best! Tried and Tested for years he has been a good technician for FDU. We appreciate his hard work and knowledge. Thanks for resolving this issue."

      Friday Juinio

      Project Manager, Agbayani Construction Corporation- South Bay Division